Tonymac Expands into Digital Signage

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We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, Tonymac has expanded its services to include digital signage, a new medium for the display and promotional of digital and interactive content.

Tonymac had been toying with digital signage as early as 2010 but the technology at the time was expensive, clunky, and little in terms of remote accessibility.

Digital signage now surrounds us and has been adopted by the top-tier brands to showcase their goods, services, and other branded messaging. A recent visit to A&W saw four digital screens above the counter displaying the menu that rotated content. Any changes to that menu could be done instantly from their franchise office, or even remotely from the head office.

The smaller, independent business has a need for digital signage like any other but the handful of suppliers offering digital signage won’t offer any solutions for these types of businesses. This is where Tonymac comes in, capable of producing content and offering an affordable subscription-based service for the management of digital signage content.

With available technology and a business model to make digital signage affordable for the small and medium business, Tonymac will be going full force January 2, 2018 to introduce its service offerings across the GTA and central Ontario.

Subscriptions will start at $169 per month per screen with all content uploaded, managed, monitored, and secured by Tonymac. Additional screens can be added at a reduced price.

The costs of screens and display hardware are not included in the monthly subscription since we want to give small business owners control over that hardware ownership. It’s possible potential clients want to repurpose an older TV so all they need is display device that costs under $200 and mounting hardware.

To schedule a free consultation to see if digital signage could work for your store, office, or other place of business, contact Anthony Maccari at (416) 909-1423 or use the email form on the Contact page.

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