Hooked on Digital Since 2007

Since 2007, Tonymac has been committed to digital content production to help business owners, marketers, agencies, non-profits, and national organizations find creative ways to better connect and engage with their customers and stakeholders.

We have produced photo, video, and interactive content for such brands as Canadian Tire, Under Armour, La Capitale Financial Group, and CLAC, including various advertising and digital agencies, small businesses, and other organizations in real estate, financial, and retail services.

Founded and led by digital media specialist Anthony Maccari, Tonymac constantly pushes the boundaries and raises the bar to make ideas not only come to life, but produce results that anticipate the future needs and expectations of the marketplace.

And that future need is digital signage.

By combining our decade-long passion for creating digital content with the growing demand for digital screen technology, Tonymac can now offer digital signage solutions that provide the tools to inform, educate, and engage the ever-changing mindset of your customers, clients, staff, and other vested stakeholders.

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