Free Apps Now Available with Digital Signage

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If you know of the CP24 channel with its split screen content that shows stock news, weather, traffic, headlines, and live news cast, you’ll be happy to know that this same setup can be recreated with the free apps now available with digital signage.

And maybe you’ll want to make your setup more positive and uplifting since the news information on CP24 is rarely happy, interesting, or educational. Actually, it’s downright depressing.

With our software, Tonymac can power any screen to be split into various “zones” and feature content in each of those zones. The content is supported by over 25 free apps designed to showcase information from world news, sports, the weather, social media sites, and other tools to engage viewers.

Unless you are sitting in a space where you need vocal distraction, you will want to consider digital signage because it rarely has an audio component. The content on digital signage is designed to capture immediate attention in 15 seconds or less because of its captivating graphics and headlines.

That’s why the free apps for digital signage are so effective: they often include a photo and a line or two of the key message being communicated. Just a snippet to keep the mind engaged and focused. And then it rotates.

For example, you can set up a screen to have four zones: one for news clips, one for sports headlines, one for your Twitter feed, and one with random YouTube videos playing. It may seem like a lot of content for one screen but really, it gives viewers a cross-section of “info-tainment.” Just remember, if you are playing videos, they should be in good taste.

Some of the free apps now available with digital signage include: Facebook page feed, Twitter feed, YouTube, Instagram gallery, CNN, BBC News, Google Traffic, ESPN, and other specialty apps for menus, noticeboards, wayfinding, and so much more.

Each Tonymac subscription includes unlimited free apps on every screen that can be rotated and changed during your programming schedule.


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