Get the Answers You Need to Know

Can I buy my own screens?

Yes. We do not supply or resell screens but can make recommendations on the latest trends and technologies available for any leading brand.

Can I use an older model TV screen that I own?

Of course, as long as the model is compatible with the device hardware required to transmit the images from our cloud servers to your screen. Most TV models from the last few years will not be an issue.

What devices are required to run my digital signage?

There are a variety of devices in the market that activate your digital signgage — and most are not expensive. Google Chrombit is one of the most popular and it even allows downloading to the device so there will never be viewing downtime. We will recommend a few options based on service delivery and budget. And these are yours to keep.

How much content can I run on each screen?

Technically speaking, as much as you want but realistically, you want to run your content in rotation to ensure people see all your messaging while visiting your place of business. 5-6 pieces of content per screen running from 15-30 seconds each can yield a TWO MINUTE viewing experience.

If I have more than one screen, do I have to play the same content on each one?

No. You can run three or four different pieces of content on three or four different screens. You can play content in one part of your store, for example, and have something completely different on display at your POS counter. This mixing and rotating of content is what we call PROGRAMMING.

Can I play my own slideshow, videos, or content from my supplier?

Yes! Your subscription is not limited to content we produce for you; rather you can combine free content (apps), templates (personalized, repurposed content), custom content (specific to your brand), AND third party material. The only limit is 10 pieces of content per screen. So, if you have 5 screens, your subscription will entitle you to 50 pieces of content playing at the same time.

Am I allowed to start my subscription with just free apps?

Yes, no problem. Given budget limitations, you can start with free apps and then add other content at any time.

How much does installation cost?

Installation costs will vary as per the complexity of the screen layout and location. If a screen is simply mounted on a static or mobile unit, then the charge will be minimal; if three screens need to be ceiling mounted above a counter and require two people, the cost will be significantly more. For an average 1-2 screen install on a wall, the cost could run $150-200.

How long do subscriptions last?

We offer both ANNUAL and MONTH-TO-MONTH subscriptions. Annual subscriptions are offered at a reduced monthly rate and include free, customized template designs.

Can an annual subscription be modified during the term?

Yes, but subject to downgrading charges.

Keep in mind: since a subscription is based on screen volume, it will take at least 6 months to gauge the impact of the content and messaging as per the initial setup and layout. Therefore, depending on how many screens were initially installed, it may or may not impact the effect on your viewers. Any reduction in screens will be subject to a 50% payout of the time remaining on that screen for the given term.

How do I make changes to my programming schedule?

Easy. Each subscription is managed by an account manager who is available 6 days a week to answer any questions and assist with programming ideas and changes. Programming schedules are not set in stone so if your supplier send you a new product video and you want it up right away, contact your account manager who will upload it for you within 24 hours of the request.