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Digital Menu Boards on the Rise

By January 16, 2018 No Comments

It may not be evident today but within the next few years we can expect to see digital menu boards on the rise in a variety of eating establishments — fast food, cafés, pubs, and other restaurants with a dining area. The digital apocalypse continues to shower us with more cost-effective and efficient options to running a business and while the digital menu board seems to be flying below the radar, we can’t ignore its viability in the food and beverage industry.

Here are five reasons to consider serving up a digital menu board in your eatery:

It Brightens Up the Food Selection Process

You know them well: the washed up, weathered, and worn menus in those greasy spoons that have endured even in the most trying of economic times. Yes, we love the food but those menus need an overhaul, especially when the tomatoes are no longer red and some of the items are no longer being served. Food is more palatable when it’s bright and looks like the actual dish when it’s served.

No More Printing Costs (or Laboured Efforts)

The printing of traditional menu board inserts stops immediately. If the need arises to change an item or price, or in the case of redesigning the look of the board, a digital menu board eliminates all laboured efforts. A call or email with the changes to your solutions provider will see that change take effect as soon as the keys are pushed.

Add Some Animations 

Have you ever seen the 3D effect of steam rising from a bowl of soup displayed on a digital menu board? That’s just one of many possible animated effects that can be added to engage guests. Subtle, yet effective. The idea is to create a visual of the item as real-to-life to activate sensory need. Animated visuals of food, like those short Tasty posts, are designed to light a fire under our craving thermometer.

Messaging Interplay

Who says a digital menu board ONLY needs to display a menu? Your TV screens can display anything you want at any time. So, if you want to designate one of the screens to show a featured item for 10 seconds before returning to the menu options, it’s possible. Or, if space allows, designate a specific screen to do the promoting while the others do the offering. Have a rockin’ business with lunch lineups? Why not keep your guests entertained by showing animated shorts or other engaging video content?

Low-Cost Maintenance

Digital menu board costs will vary, depending on the provider, but most of them should offer reasonable monthly fees (sometimes referred to as a subscription) to maintain, change, and secure the content. These fees might include unlimited changes and content updates. Nevertheless, trading up your current menu board to a digital solution will incur a new monthly cost, but if the current set up is setting you back in time, labour, and guest experience, then the added cost may be rightfully justified.

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